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19 May 2017

Let’s kick off the weekend with a Friday Favorites post. Those that have been around know a few of my favorites, the color orange, hearts and fat fiber. Well the title of the blog is Confessions of a Yarnho so you know I love yarn. So imagine if you could, my sheer joy when I heard about the Plucky Knitter trunk show in NYC. Wait, you mean I could walk in and walk out with Plucky in my hands?

When I discovered Plucky

Are you like me and saying well who is Plucky Knitter? I was the same way some years back. I kept seeing Plucktober as a hashtag on Instagram and I was like what is that? Well I did my research and yeah they are definitely one of my favorites. You all remember this picture right here don’t you? This is when I first experienced the decadence which is Plucky Yarn.


I did a little research for you guys. This year marks the 10th year they have been blessing us with this fabulous yarn. On the website is says they have 38 different bases, that range from $19 to $74 bucks. The majority of their bases have cashmere blend (20 out of 38) and all the bases are hand dyed. They are a classic case of getting your money’s worth. The thing that is different with Plucky is they are not readily available, you have to wait for an update and you have to be quick on that buy button. This yarn sells out quickly and then you wait for it to be dyed and sent to you. I had to wait a few weeks to get mine the first time.

Fast forward to the here and now and the trunk show at Annie & CO. You still needed to be fast because those folks were serious about their yarn. The best part is you walk out with yarn in hand, no waiting. The bonus was getting to meet the ladies behind the company.

Sarah and Haley were so nice to me. They truly made my day. Then I meet Amy Miller the designer of my beloved Spring Fever AND who just happens to have a new pattern out called 2nd Avenue. I was in heaven and I promise you that is what heaven is like. 

I had a blast and I am very happy with what I purchased. Check it out, I put together a video so you all could see all the yarn and fun.

Click play 

The yarn I purchased is to make a 2nd Avenue for me!! YAY!! and I have to thank Amanda Rease for being so thoughtful and kind. Love you Mama Rease I swear I do. 

What you don’t look like this when you get new yarn? LOL yea you do!

Stay tuned for updates on my latest project and as always thank you for reading, responding and sharing. You guys ROCK hard!

Knit on my fiber friends….knit on



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    1. GG, that video was awesome! Mama Rease is such a sweetheart too. My Bucket List is too visit these yarn stores. If it wasn’t for your blogs, I wouldn’t have known that yarn stores existed in NYC.
      Thank you for sharing and I love you so much, my friend! I say this sincerely! 💛

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