GGmadeit meets Kristi Glass

30 October 2017


I am sure you all know Kristi Glass and if you don’t you need to check out her YouTube channel. She is the brains behind the infamous Tell me about your Rhinebeck Sweater Video. Kristi has her finger on the pulse of the knitting community and I love her!

You know how you stumble upon folks in social media and feel left out because everyone knows them but you? Yea that was me when it came to this fabulous lady. I started watching her channel and fell in love with her style and her passion. I also loved that she loves hot pink as much as I love orange. Did I ever think I would be interviewed by her? The answer is simple, nope.

I had the honor of meeting her when she spoke at Knitty City earlier this year. When I saw she would be speaking, I thought this is my chance, yea I was having a fan girl moment. I grabbed Shelbey and begged her to take me into the city and the rest is history.

Her story warmed my heart and I instantly knew we could be friends. What I didn’t expect was for Kristi to want to interview little ole me! You can see the interview below and please do me a favor go to the video and thank her for having me please.



The interview

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on


More about Gaye Glasspie

I am a confessed yarn addict, who also happens to be the mom of a beautiful, almost 21 year old, young lady. Welcome to my fiber diary. Come along with me as I obsess over all things fiber :). Contact me on and most importantly, thanks for visiting :)


    1. OMG I can relate to your story in so many ways. Was watching you on Youtube with Kristy Glass and you are both so terrific – at some point we will connect. Just finished ordering your tote and the journal, I absolutely loved the graphics on both.

    1. Girl, you made me late to work this morning, since I watched half the interview before work, and the rest at lunch time!

      Thinking of starting a Sunday afternoon stitch n sip at either the Starbucks or the Panera on 3 in Clifton.

    1. You are like sunshine! I saw you first on Kristi Glass’ Rhinebeck sweater video and then saw she had an interview with you on you tube. I’m so glad I took the time to watch that interview.

    1. This was a wonderful way to start my day. I’m new to both Kristy and yourself but now you will be my morning coffee buddy. Thank you for keeping it real and honest. Have a fabulous day.

    1. Well, I already commented on the video that I was glad to see two of my knitting world favs. Yeah, “Auntie GG!” 🙂 Awesome as always.

    1. Loved the interview so much!
      I wish I had run into both of you at Rhinebeck!
      I always say knitting saved my life as well. It’s nice to hear others who totally get it
      The year my son was deployed to Afghanistan was the hardest year I’ve ever been through. Knitting got me through. I started a knitting group with the other family members, we are still close friends7 years later.
      We are among the lucky whose Solduers cane home safe 🏡 🇺🇸

    1. My girlfriend, my knitting partner in crime, asked me have I heard of you because our auras are similar she said. I’m an on and off knitter, would love to be more on than off. You are so beautiful inside and out. Your transparency is needed in our world. Is it scary? Yes but starts one’s healing process. I told my crime partner yesterday that I’ve pulled a book of patterns to get started again. I’m called LaLa the Yarnsnob. Thanks for your story.

    1. I loved this interview! Right off the bat I was touched that Kristy crocheted an adorable orange vest for the occasion, I would say that you have mutual admiration. What a wonderful fiber community!

      Only recently did I discover Kristy, and loved her “tell me about your Rhinebeck Sweater” and then there was her interview with you. The pattern you are wearing in the interview has inspired me to knit it with some awesome local wool we found on a trip to Asheville. You’d like it to because it is rust which is in your color family. I’m also inspired to add an autumn leave pattern into the poncho from a Coastal Knits book. I’ll be sure to link you when it is all said and done.

      I can’t wait to check out your pattern creations. I love that you offer both knit and crochet options. I love your style and creativity. Never stop with the orange, you look great!

      1. Hi Tina! First forgive the delay in responding to you wonderful comment. Thank you for watching and I agree Kristi is amazing!
        I can’t wait to see you creations! I am so sure that rust is fabulous! Have a weekend full of all that you love!

    1. Whew! I am 70 years old and only discovered knitting podcasts about a month ago. I have binge watched till I’m blue in the face. Eventually I happened on to Kristy Glass!!! Need I say more. I thought it couldn’t get any better, then I saw YOU. Instant connection; that was last night and I love you so much! I just wanted to somehow offer you a big bag of support so that you will continue your work/passion/Orange/beautiful life!

    1. I already DM you. Hope you get anyway saw your interview and guess what you’ve got a new friend for life. Thanks.

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