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27 March 2017


All about GGmadeit

GGmadeit, the story..what do you know? Do you know how long I have been knitting? How about what I knit? Do you really know GGmadeit? I mean I know you all know I love Orange and Bulky yarn, but what else do you know?

Well the double GGs are actually my initials. My name is Gaye Glasspie. The made it part is obvious, because if it is to be made, then yup I made it! Did you know that I sell T-shirts and mugs with my GGmadeit logo on it? Did you know that my logo was created in my image? Yes I sit just like that when I knit! hahahahahahahaaa

I have been working to make the website the central spot for everything I offer. Here you will find access to purchase my handmade items. You will also be able to get anything else I offer; whether that is the mugs, shirts, bags or notebooks.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure you subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss anything. What could I miss GG? Is that your question? Well for example, I have a skein of Sprout yarn from The Fiberseed that I will be giving away, so stay tuned and tell a friend.

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on


More about Gaye Glasspie

I am a confessed yarn addict, who also happens to be the mom of a beautiful, almost 21 year old, young lady. Welcome to my fiber diary. Come along with me as I obsess over all things fiber :). Contact me on and most importantly, thanks for visiting :)

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    1. Hi GG-
      I bought one of your “Natural Knitter” t-shirts. I will take a picture once I wear it.

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