I knit with Yak and I liked it

7 August 2017

Am I the last one to knit with Yak? I confess, I was ignorant to the various fibers that are used to make yarn. I mean I was aware of the usual, wool, merino, alpaca and cashmere. The first time I stepped into a yarn shop I was amazed at all of the different fibers.

Fast forward to the here and now. I have used my fair share of yarn, but yarn made out of Yak was new. When I received the yarn the label looked familiar because I had 2 skeins in my stash. I was blessed when I subscribed to Yarnbox; however, I had no idea what I had.

According to the about me section on the website. This family owned company was established in 2005. The primary goal is high quality yarn made from Yak and other luxury fibers. Well if you ask me they nailed it

The name of the yarn is Lhasa Wilderness.  Lhasa is a 75/25 blend of Yak and Bamboo. Don’t tell nobody, but I had to Google a Yak, because uh 😐


photo credit Elelur.com

A Yak, according to dictionary.com,  is a large domesticated wild ox with shaggy hair, humped shoulders and large horns. They are used for their milk, meat and hide. Thank you Mr Yak! 

As I stated initially,  I had never used Yak prior to now so this was a treat! Bijou Spun hit a home run with this yarn.

My ladies from Espace Tricot always speak of an halo effect and I didn’t think that mattered. Well I am now a fan, the gentle haze that hovers ever so slightly over my stitches is mesmerizing.

Knitting  up Yak

I used the recommended needle size.  The stitch definition made me smile! The fabric is soft and warm without being too heavy. I only split the stitch a time or two, but it was when I wasn’t paying attention. It was truly a pleasure working with this yarn. As you can see from the pictures I was trying all types of stitches and this yarn was up for the challenge. 

I didn’t wet block the cowl, I steam blocked and watched the stitches spring to life. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I approve this yarn! I can’t wait to wear this during the upcoming Fall/Winter season. 

The facts

You get 250 yards per skein for the fingering weight. The manufacturer is Bijou Basin Ranch. The color used in the review was Natural and Carrot. The content is 75/25 Yak and bamboo. One skein will cost you $29.00. The yarn comes in 12 vibrant hand dyed colors and you can purchase online.  Have you ever knit with Yak?


Knit on my fiber friends…knit on



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    1. Thanks for the review. I’ve never knit with yak, but have wondered about it. That cowl is lovely and the colors are beautiful. Is it one of those fibers that’s supposed to be x times warmer than wool? I’m very interested in hearing how it wears – whether it sheds, makes prickles, if it maintains its shape, etc.

    1. Nice! What other fiber does it seem similar to? I know what yaks are, but never have felt the fiber.

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