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14 July 2017

A course by GG! Did you read that and scream with me? Click the picture below to go to course 🙂 


I am over the moon with excitement and FEAR! I can’t tell you how many times a day I get asked “do you teach knitting?” And I always respond “I can”. You  guys remember when I had the Knit & Relax class  a few years ago right? I told myself then I should do a virtual course and quickly talked myself out of it. My question is alway who do I think I am?

I am GG and I knit and I am a trainer. The next logical path is to combine my love with my skills and deliver a course., right? Ha, not in my head. I do a fabulous job of talking myself out of things. Today, my thought of the day was about fear.



I stopped allowing fear to dictate my actions, so I hit publish. I exposed my insecurities to the world and guess what? 5 people have signed up already !!

I know most of you knit already.  I am right there with you, all I ask is you share with a friend who wants to learn. This course is for the beginner. If this works out well I will look into stitch combinations next. The possibilities have me excited. What has Fear stopped you from doing?


Knit on my fiber friends….knit on



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