Through the thick-n-thin of it

13 March 2017

Thick n thin yarn, I love it! Here is what you know or should know about me. 

Things I love

  1. The color orange
  2. Yarn
  3. Thick yarn 😋 the thicker the better
  4. Texture

So it is natural that I love; what I have discovered is called a novelty yarn, but I call thick n thin yarn.


hand spun yarn from Rainbow Twist Handspun

I had a skein of hand spun thick n thin yarn from Frost Yarns. Nicole Frost is a beast with the fiber, please check her out. Anyway I grabbed the yarn to make a shawl and I tagged her on Instagram. I wanted her to see her fabulous work. I told her how much I love thick n thin yarn. She shocked me when she said folks don’t buy it so she stopped spinning it

 I mean it’s built in texture, it’s fat and skinny at the same damn time! What is there not to love. 
hand painted hand spun thick n thin
When using this fabulous yarn type, garter stitch comes to life in my opinion. There is no need for stitch combinations, just knit and watch the magic.

I did some research and this yarn is called “slubby ” yarn. Slubby yarn is any yarn that has dramatic changes in thickness throughout the length of the strand. That change in thickness is the yummy part, the part that makes your project unique.

Frost yarns merino bamboo nylon blend
The last few shawls have been knit with slubby yarn, lol I like that word. When I looked through my stash, I had quite a few different skeins of this yumminess 😋

Here is the latest, finished last night. I still need to block it, but yup I love slubby yarn 🤣

GGmadeit shawl


Do you like thick-thin yarn? Let’s discuss

Knit on my fiber friends….knit on



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    1. I am not a big fan of yarn with inconsistent thickness but I do love what you made.

    1. I love slubby yarn! I like it for the same reasons you do, the textures and unique outcomes!
      Like you, I’ve been stash-diving, using up what I have, Altho my stash is NOWHERE as fun as yours!

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